Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tracing Memory

Steffen and my Father in the 1980's

Steffen and my Father in 2010

This is a project I've been working with during the last two to three months. It was called Tracing Memory, and I chose to re-photograph a selection of photos from our family albums. What triggered my idea was the work of the Norwegian photographer Dag Nordbrenden, and his series "Be Yourself Tonight".

My project focuses more on the relationship in my family, and how some things never seem to change, whilst other does. I'm playing with the though about clinging on to the past, but at the same time realizing that something has to change, and you cannot get them back.

I really want to continue this project. Because this was a project we were given over the christmas holiday, I had to limit myself to photos taken in our house, and if they were outside the house, I would have to be from the same time of the year. So, therefore I want to continue this project throughout the year, and also travel around in Norway to get photos from the different locations, like my Grandmothers house etc.

See my full series on my flickr profile. Hope you like it.

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