Saturday, 13 February 2010

My day of Mac-rehab

Woke up, though that I'd try not to turn on my pretty lovable MacBook Pro before uni (as I usually always do), cause it would probably save me some time. I decided to try not to use any mac or pc that day. So when I came back home, I put my MacBook in my book-shelf, where i though it belonged that day.

Since I don't have a radio or cd player or anything, I didn't listen to music that day either. Instead I hung out with my friends and flatmates, and cleaned my room! (Cleaned it PROPERLY, damn my radiator was gross! And even washed my curtains and shower-curtains and all the things you can imagine)

It was a really good and relaxing but challenging day. I highly recommend you try to do the same one day you're up for it. Its refreshing! (If you think of reasons why you need to use your laptop or whatever, - wright it down, and do it more effectively the next day).

I'll try to do it once a month.

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  1. Very true. And it's especially easy now during the olympics! ;)